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Starry Sky

Lights Out Selwyn

Join our local movement to provide safe passage for migratory birds


Did you know that the vast majority of migratory birds that pass through and breed in Selwyn Township, make their journeys north each spring, and south each fall by flying at night?

Light pollution in the night sky causes confusion for migrating birds, throwing them off-course and needlessly costing them valuable calories. Ultimately, light pollution makes these birds vulnerable on the already perilous migrations they undertake twice a year to ensure breeding success and species fitness.

Turning off unnecessary lights at night is one simple thing we can do to help address bird population decline from human threats. 

Lights Out Selwyn is running this spring from April 15th until June 15th

Homes, businesses, farms, and schools are all welcome to participate.

Are you interested in more resources about light pollution?

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